Dustin Case, Los Angeles Area Songwriter and Musician

Dustin's Music History

Born in Torrance, CA, and splitting his childhood between Hawaii, and Los Angeles & Ventura Counties, Dustin Case is a true west coast native.  He now calls San Pedro, California home.

Through a combination of writing, performing and collaborating, Dustin flaunts his dedication in several different arenas having displayed his talents as a Classical singer, Rock front-man, and Hip Hop performer.  Case’s musical talents span multiple genres; an indication of his talents and interests in music.

Notable work includes a feature on "Breathe Easy" from Mondo Marcios "Solo un Uomo" Gold edition, which went platinum in Italy.  He arranged, co-produced and starred in a music safety video for fortune 500 company, Steris Corporation.  He also contributed to the music video "San Pedro Strong"; a tribute to the unique town and people, featuring 16 local singers, lead by Grand Vision Foundation.

After a decade of creating original Hip Hop, Dustin switched gears to focus on Rock music.  He can currently be found performing with his Punk Rock band, Breakaway State, or solo with his acoustic guitar.

Case’s music goals include embracing and expanding on new ideas and concepts, in the tradition of music itself.  His confidence places him among the many great players who've helped revolutionize the audio world.


Dustin Case San Pedro Musician playing in the Los Angeles area.

Dustin Case is an American songwriter and performer who also serves as a federal employee.  Born in Torrance, California, his father joined the Navy and was stationed in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.  Dustin’s early years leading up to 2nd grade in elementary school were influenced by the island’s culture and people.

Moving back stateside was a culture shock but also gave him the understanding that not everything was shrugged off with a shaka.  Growing up throughout Los Angeles and Ventura Counties, he and his brother took to the streets to learn how to fend for themselves.  Music is one thing that provided a safe getaway and opportunity to bond with people on a broad scale.

The desire to be independent pushed Dustin to signing up for the Navy at 18, taking a job as a submarine mechanic.  He learned about camaraderie and acquired experience that only traveling the world can give you.  Five years were spent on the submarine, USS Rhode Island, until transferring to a tender in La Maddalena, Italy; off the coast of Sardegna for a year.  Case ended his Naval career at the Norfolk, Virginia shipyard where he spent three years looking after ships of all classes.

Dustin spent a few  years working multiple jobs upon his departure.  It was here that he learned the mechanic skills taught in the Navy were helpful, but the work was not his calling.  He turned to music full-time, fronting a Rock Band and singing tenor for the Pacific Shores Philharmonic.  Although it was an amazing time, he had two boys to feed and the money was just not flowing right, and he turned to retraining.

Volunteering with The Mission Continues and Gold Coast Veterans Foundation, Dustin realized serving made him feel just as good as performing did.  The knowledge gained assisting Veterans lead to a position with Congresswoman Julia Brownley as her Veterans Affairs Intern.

Case used his connections and newfound skills to land a position with the Department of Veterans Affairs, where he currently works as a supervisor, running a team of federal employees.